Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hoyle's High Roller Club

The fellow whose picture appears on the card is my alter ego, created for the sole purpose of gambling in Hoyle's Casino and resides inside my computer. TF has ice water running in his veins and most people can't bear to look into his stainless steel eyes and so he wears his sun glasses around the clock. TF hit the roulette tables on Friday with five thousand dollars in his pocket. He bet it all on his favorite number, "23", and it came up a winner. With that he bet it all on "0/00" and again came up a winner. TF then went to the slot machines and played the Triple Play machine; each pull on the handle gambled away
$ 3,000.00. After a few small wins and about an hour the wheels all came to the pay off line as he hit the big one,

$ 10,000,000.00.

TF then went to the Black Jack tables where he could wager unlimited amounts until he got tired and had to take a break. When his total winnings broke past the $ 100M mark they gave him a High Roller's Black Casino card.

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You might notice that it shows a balance of $ 255,000,000 on the card. On Saturday TF went back to the Black Jack tables and raised that figure to just under $ 800,000,000 as he attempted to reach the $ Billion level. It might have been nice too, had Lady Luck stayed by his side. TF had a terrible run of bad hands which eventually caused him to go insane, betting close to
$ 400,000,000 on his last hand in a desperate attempt to regain his losses. TF is now headed back home on a Greyhound bus wearing the same blue shirt on his back. He has promised to make it back and retake his high roller's suite atop Hoyle's Casino and Hotel.

"What a Ride!", was all he said as he collapsed into the last seat on the bus.